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Portola, CA 96122
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Welcome to the The Chilcoot Monument Company. We are a
family owned and operated business serving Northern
California and Nevada. Located in beautiful Portola,
California, we are only a short drive from the Reno/Tahoe
area. In fact, we are in Reno daily, and are always willing to
meet with you at your convenience. Our goal is simple:

We promise to provide you with a beautiful, lasting                 
    monument for your loved one at a fair price.

All monuments are produced in our facility to ensure that
each one meets our high standards.  All of our work is done by
hand, ensuring that your stone will last a lifetime.

Choosing a memorial for your loved one is a personal and
lasting testament of your love.  Each monument is as unique
and special as the life it represents.  The possibilities are
endless. Please take a moment to look at our beautiful stone
samples, as well as the variety of monument designs
available. You can choose an image from the thousands on
file, or provide your own. The result will be a cherished
celebration of your loved one's life.

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